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Privacy Policy


Why did I receive an email from Life Martial Arts Center LLC?

If you received an email from us, you either

  • shared you email address on a "subscribe" page in order to receive information in the future, and you verified that subscription ("double opt-in"), or
  • have registered or purchased or otherwise have an existing relationship with us.  We respect your time and attention by controlling the frequency of our mailings.

How is my privacy protected?

I implement security measures provided by the software we use.  And I choose strong, random passwords to administer protected areas (ex - email address database.)

All software is run on a shared server located I-don't-know-where.  Could someone break into our database?  I guess it's possible.  Extremely unlikely, but possible.

What about sharing and using this information?  And is there anything else I should know?

We will never share, sell or rent individual personal information with anyone without your advance permission, unless ordered to by a legal court.  Period.

First, you will receive the emailed content you signed up for.  Second, we send the occasional special message.  This usually consists of emergency class cancellations sent to a mailing list where a potential visitor would need to know.

How can I stop receiving email from Life Martial Arts Center LLC?

At the bottom of every message are links for changing your email address and preferences, and to completely unsubscribe from the publication.  It's easy and automated; you're in control.

If you receive unwanted, unsolicited email sent by this system or claiming to be sent by this system, please forward a copy of that email with your comments to  abuse (@)  for us to investigate.

If I follow a link that leaves the website, whose privacy policy will apply to me?

When our visitors leave our website, either manually or by following a link on our pages, they also leave our Privacy Policy guidelines.  The Privacy Policy applies to visitors to pages on our website, while on our website, only.

What happens when I pay for a Life Martial Arts Center product or service?

For student management, LMAC presently uses the software (, and information is securely stored, through the application, online at Amazon Cloud Services and Chase Bank (  With certain transactions, we may also accept credit card payment through PayPal (  With any online payment, you will complete your payment on the secure financial server. While completing your payment, all interaction falls under that software company's privacy policies.  We may use or completely change to, a different software at our discretion at any time.


How is my privacy protected in Life Martial Arts Center (LMAC) Virtual Classes?

For Facebook Live -open- classes, anyone can view on the LMAC Facebook Page when live and after.  Comments are open and monitored.  For Facebook Live -closed- classes, only students and parents associated with LMAC are confirmed as members of various closed groups under the LMAC Facebook Page, and only they can view classes when live and after.  Comments are open and monitored.  The strength of the visitor's/student's/parent's access to the Facebook service is completely under the visitor's/student's/parent's control; LMAC assumes no responsibility for their access strength.

Presently, LMAC uses the Zoom Video Meeting service for Monday Pep Talks, 1-On-1 Virtual Private Lessons, and virtual student classes.  We use the full Zoom service safety features; each meeting has it's own meeting URL and requires a password to join.

Bryan Hix
Director, Instructor
Life Martial Arts Center
(205) 578-8506

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