Ms. Amanda Lawrence

Ms. Amanda Lawrence

Ms. Amanda Lawrence is a 3rd Dan martial artist living away from her home dojang, Oyen's North Alabama Tang Soo Do.  A University of Alabama at Birmingham college student, she's a future doctor.

training while in college   Ms Lawrence   WEBUnfortunately, training in martial arts is a hobby for most of us. We are not able to quit our day jobs to become professional martial arts instructors, as much as we might like to. Therefore, martial arts may take a backseat to other daily life things; it is also not uncommon for people to quit training because they get so busy with other things. I am a full time pre-med college student and am still continuing to train while in school.


Ronald McDonald House Charities, Alabama                   





A great philanthropic effort, our Region 6 will start collecting pop tabs off aluminum cans to donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama (RMH.)


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