Excellence In Life Skills Training

Holistic Life Skills Through Rigorous

Korean Martial Arts Training

Bryan Hix, Director / Instructor

Life Martial Arts Center offers time-honored benefits that extend well beyond "kicking and punching."  My holistic approach to martial arts training positively affects our instructors' and students' health, self-discipline and core values.


Life Skills are taught in a holistic fashion.  We understand these Self-Defense and Personal Safety skills apply to an immediate threat.  We also work to recognize and develop our power for positive influence, our personal responsibility to use these Life Skills for much more than "kicking and punching."



Do our holistic Life Skills benefits speak to you?

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We teach Tang Soo Do (pronounced 'Tong Sue Doe'), a traditional Korean martial art.  We apply modern teaching strategies and techniques to Tang Soo Do's 2,000-year-old tradition.  (This is our foundation to which we add our holistic Life Skills education.)  The training is fun and physical; the fun is in the accomplishment and we set high expectations.  Through rigorous training we develop strength and flexibility, speed and quickness.  Our martial artists learn movement, distance and angles.  They develop a high level of skill, and some students choose to test their skills in tournaments.  Progressing through rank advancement leads some of our martial artists to strive for the coveted rank of 1st Degree Black Belt.


Our Life Skills curriculum integrates the traditional Self-Defense and Personal Safety skillsets into regular Tang Soo Do classes, and they are taught in a relaxed, age-appropriate manner.  Every age learns how to avoid problems (using intuition, recognizing inappropriate behavior), how to ask for help (from a busy adult who isn't really listening), how to handle themselves in an immediate threat (acting confidently when feeling scared), how to cause serious problems for an assailant.


Our real power as martial artists lies in our positive interactions with others.  We learn how to encourage - and stand up for - those who need our help; we learn how to stand up for ourselves with confidence and dignity.  We also practice our positive power in how we live our lives "when no one is looking"; activities we choose, food we eat, how we manage frustrations and anger, are vital Life Skills we practice through our holistic approach to martial arts.

Benefits of the Life Martial Arts Center experience are available to anyone, from age 6 to 60+.  Our training may best be described by the adage, "something worth doing is worth doing well."  We train hard.  And we are all held to a high standard.


This age-appropriate focus on high quality is where we grow.  "It's worth doing well."